2nd & 3rd Great Great Grandparents

Noyes Jones  1809-1881                         father Noel JONES mother Susannah  ukn  No data

Susan Madison 1818-1881                   mother John Mattison. & Elizabeth??  no data


Abraham Dorrison Young Jr. 1812-1883     F Abraham D. Young Sr.1784-1857                                                                                                     M   Hannah Wright 1781-1863

Hannah Bohn 1826-1896                              father  Bohn in Europe ditto Mom still digging


William Henry Foulk  1846- 1940                father Peter Foulk/ FOLK Jr  1803 -1885 &                                                                                                                   Susannah Martin Showalter  1805-1886

Katherine/C Ann Myers 1845- 1922             father John Myers  1809-         &                                                                                                                         Sarah Elizabeth Foulk  (Jane) 1813-1860

George Herbert Eastman  1832- 1910        father Abijah Stoddard Eastman 1778 – 1852                                                                                                    Esther Thomas 1796-

Lydia Trowbridge  1841-1900                      father Prosper Trowbridge 1808-1850                   –                                                                                         Margaret Sharpe


Sanford Hoffman/Huffman 1814-1903     father Henry Hoffman 1803 – 1879 &                                                                                                                Elizabeth Higgins 1809-1877

Rachel Plants/ was Plantz 1836-1920       father George Plants   1803- 1887   &                                                                                                                Catherine Stollar  1801 -1893

Robert Duvall                                                             Eli Duvall 1790 – 1872   &                                                                                                                         Elizabeth Richey  1797-1872

Harriet Duvall                                                             Jacob Duvall    1789-1864 &                                                                                                                     Jane Patterson  1788 – 1854

John Cornelius Scott                                                 Shadrack Scott Sr.  1790- 1850   &                                                                                                         Harriet Cynthia Lewis 1798 -1887

Rebecca Morrow                                                       John Jackson Morrow  1793-1849    &                                                                                                   Patience Rebecca Tuttle 1806=1854

Daniel Warden                                                          Samuel Warden 1798-1884        &                                                                                                          Margaret Fuller    1801-1897

Mary J Langdon                                                         Joseph Langdon    1800 – 1863     &                                                                                                           Arteminta Brammer  1807-


Not all are completed due to lack of Information or very conflicting information.


Johann Phillip Penticoff/Benighoff & Family

As this family grows and the name moves around a bit, I will share some of what I know proven and data sent by others they say are proven.

Here is link to region where he was born.

Satellite map of Bischheim (Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz) : Google™

1. He was born 30 Jan 1740  Bischeim, Rhineland, Pfatz, Germany

2, In 1776, Upper Salford, Montgomery Co. PA, was Phllip Jacob Benighoff/Penticoff and Elisabeth Margareth Schwam at their marriage.

3. She was born 1 Sept 1752 Montgomery Co. PA, she passed away pre 1854. PA

4. I only have where Phiilip Jacob  passed, New Tripoli, Lynn Twp. Lehigh Co. PA. Still need more data from kin in Pennsylvania.

5. http://susischattyperformances.blogspot.com/2016/09/pentico-ancestors-and-some-tidbits.html

6.  Johann Philip Penticoff/Benighoff b 28 Oct. 1770 Montgomery Co. PA d 26 Sept 1839 Union Co. PA  born raised here name very muttled over time. Some documents have two or three spellings.

7.  Catherine Miller, b 23 August 1772 Union Co. PA,  d 1848 Buffalo Twp. Union Co. PA.

Mary Pentico Nelson has data on the Young /JUNG line. My sister in law.

8. Heinrich JUNG was born in PA, his parents were born in Europe. Data not handy. Henrich Jung later Young married and had children.

9.  Catherine Young b 1810, New Hanover, Montgomery Co. PA, d 23 Aug 1886 Mound Praire, Jasper, Iowa.  married according to family records? April 1825 Yorktown, Clearfield Co. PA

10. John Penticoff (multi varients) b 1800 Pennsylvania d 18 July 1857 Pleasant Valley, Scott Co. Iowa.

11. 1830 census Lycoming Jersey Shores, PA  Parents across river on homestead.

1830 census Lycoming Jersey Shore, PA

2 1- — 1 ————1

Jacob Young beneath John Pentico  kin

jacob Plantz beneath him also kin

1840 Burnside Clearfield Co PA

1850 Burnside Clearfield Co PA

1857 Pleasant Valley, Scott Co IA  death


Children we have of record: George W. , **Phillip, John, Henry, Simon, Peter, Jacob, Susannah, Matthew and Catherine.

Peter ‘s war records

U.S., Adjutant General Military Records, 1631-1976 – Ancestry.com  re Peter CW

Phillip Pentico 1828- 1917  w Mary Rolland 1833-1913

Birth Date: 7 Dec 1828

Birth Place: Pennsylvania, USA

Death Date:  2 Oct 1917

Death Place: Prairie City, Jasper County, Iowa, USA

Cemetery: Westview Cemetery

Burial or Cremation Place: Prairie City, Jasper County, Iowa, USA

Spouse:Mary Pentico

Mother: Catherine Pentico


William Pentico

Jordan Pentico

Jeremiah Pentico

Mary Emeline Pentico

Solomon Pentico



Phillip Pentico – Ancestry.com


Philip Pentico


1901 – Des Moines; Vandalia; Des Moines; Mingo; Poweshiek, Jasper, Iowa

U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, 1860-1918

New Washington, PO

1860 United States Federal Census – Ancestry.com

Name:Philip Pentico


Birth Year:abt 1828


Birth Place:Pennsylvania

Home in 1860:Chest, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Post Office:New Washington

Family Number:2459

Value of real estate:View image

Household Members:



Philip Pentico  32

Mary Pentico 28

David Pentico 7

Emanuel Pentico**7

Solomon Pentico 5

Wm Pentico 3

Matthew Pentico 19

Additional data:

Name:Phillip Pentico

Residence:Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Congressional District:19th


uscwdraft registrtion recores 1863- 1865

NO>9  Chest

Abraham Roland  no.10

-g 134 Henry Pentice no. 2 Burnside

 You can see where family’s met and interlinked.

Today reading the Will, Guardianship papers we learned that Franklin Andrew Pentico became guardian of his Aunt at his  father’s death. His Mother asked the court to appoint him and he had home, job, wife and child and which means she grew up with Aunt Marie, Dad Pentico’s sister. Both born same year.

More to come. 4-6-2018  Susi Jones Pentico wife of Fred E Pentico USNRet.  AMSC


Follow UP on lost Death Information

Spent some time reading other blogs from family. One listed a news paper clipping in regards to Franklin Marion Hoffman’s death and the date of paper and information on death. So I have a real date. Many of the trees are not accurate alas.

Hoping to locate a D C since I wrote to Wyoming for a certificate they should have on file.

Alas one tree has him dying after I was born.  Not true, Mom could not go to funeral because she was having trouble with my carriage before birth. I was born in July and he was already gone.

Spent some time trying to correct lots of errors in my tree and wonder where all my tree went that was all the way back to Johann Hoffman. Nothing there from Franklin back. Sorta nuts.  I did not remove it, more high jinx by site?

I have lots of newer information to file. Wondering if it should be in blog, on webpage or tree or on paper organized.

Every time a site upgrades something goes away, changes or is very hard to locate. Yet they want it all passworded safe, for what so they can play some more.

As hubby said, children do not start school with pencil and paper they start them with I pad type devices. Then they worry they get overload.

At least of pencil and paper you are responsible for the changes and know what you did with it or should.

Hello, for the next generation of peoples.

Pondering, pondering and wondering, Genealogical Event.

Recently found information and read it, Re read it and am pondering over the puzzle.

If you have a death in 1940, I was blinded by the lack of a date.

The body was shipped from one state to another for burial.  I am thinking the Death Certificate will be in state of death.  Which makes research easier but……

But why did the family not show day of death.

I can figure it out and order a DC . Or maybe Uncle can make it to Court House and tell  me what it says.

Wandered through several relatives trees and only one implied a death date but did not show a Death Certificate for 1940.

Would not expect one in the 1840’s always but 1940’s that was a surprise.


James Langdon 1819-1906

Fanny Langdon 1822-1898

Enoch C Langdon  1841- 1902

Sarah Langdon 1842-1911

Martin Langdon 1844- 1914

Elizabeth A Gibson Langdon  1845- 1925

Perry Langdon 1845-1849

James Taylor Langdon 1849-1927

Wesley Langdon 1851-1852

Mary F Langdon 1857-1888


William M Langdon 1874-1957

Amanda May Langdon 1880-1971

Bertha Earles Langdon 1881-1944

Biride Simpson Langdon 1882- ?

Arnold Langdon  1898-1937

Sarah Jane Langdon 1914-1930