Fifty Years Ago 3-3- 1966

Fifty Years Ago, our first daughter was born.  Her Father was overseas aboard ship, serving his country in the U.S.Navy.

We had two boys already and labor hit in the middle of the wee hours of the morning.  My girlfriend, came and picked the boys and I up.  We dropped them off for her husband to watch.

We drove down to the Ferry to cross the San Diego Bay.  We were about the tenth car back in line.  When the ticket person asked why we were out so early, Lucy Harter told him that I was in labor and we were on our way to Balboa Naval Hospital.

The man yelled to the Captain and he stopped all other cars and they closed off the access.

Then the Captain notified everyone on board we were on the way to Balboa Naval Hospital. Not many people or cars were on the ferry.

We shot across the bay leaving a rooster tail that left us stunned.  We bumped up onto the Ferry Landing and were immediately allowed off the ferry. (They had moved the cars a bit for that to  happen.)

Of course, I arrived in time and she was born at the hospital but it was only about 20 minutes or less after we arrived.

I still remember that rooster tail that the ferry shot up into the air as we sped across the bay. I do not think anyone thought that Ferry could speed up that much, much less make a rooster tail that was more than 20 feet high.

Daughter that is how you came into this world, very loved and very quick.  Dad missed the fun.


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