Easter and Birthday’s

The phone rang this morning.  Not a surprise it generally rings every day.  Just was not expecting to hear the message that was received.

St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday and it was a crazy day.  The car battery had died and I did not know it until I went to go to Tax Office for appointment. I drove our manual drive truck again.  It did not break down this time. Last time the starter staggered and was beat with a wrench to restart.  Three days later we replaced the 19 year old Starter.

I grew up on a stick shift and  power steering was almost unheard of in our wage bracket. Glad my shoulders are not sore today.  I have started exercising again, thankfully.

On to the phone call. Easter of course is EASTER, but it also is my husband’s 81’s Birthday.Do not know why I did not catch that connection sooner. With family all over the USA right now and SIL Mary living with us, it by passed my mind.

What do you get someone that will be 81. I let him trim our tree his way.  I suspect I will have them over again to completely remove it soon.  That tree shaded my living room for more than 30 years. It has five little sprouts on it.  ARRRRGGGH.

It will make for a very warm summer. Mary will like that she is used to Riverside temperatures.

Maybe a breakfast like last weekend, and just let him watch NASCAR and any Car Auction Event that may be on.

After all, our oldest son’s birthday is the next day, and the oldest son’s youngest daughter is the next day.


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