What are your Societies Important Learning Adventures

As Educational Chairperson of our group. I am always listening to conversations and picking up tidbits of, I sure would like to know how to do, ????? What ever that statement may contain.  I also ask at our meetings what are your needs?

We are now planning a Beginners Workshop and Intermediate Workshop for our members of almost 100.

We average at least one new member a month sometimes more and are learning many are still pencil & paper researchers.  I suspect my age bracket is very hard on the learning of computers and terms and programs and activities to do on a computer.

I am mostly self taught for computerize since the first one I used was in 1977 and none of that is relevant today. I was taught to use it at the school and then we taught the students.

My thoughts are we still have to turn them on and off nothing else the same.

Truly nothing wrong with paper and pencil because I still do the bulk of mine that way and transfer it over to the computer at home and source it etc, then.  I take the information when at the Library for sources and data but it goes in a note book.

Also find, since having many interlapping relatives it takes a bit to enter into the current program and not have it go nuts when the lines overlap and rewind.

Suspecting we need to start with our Family Group Sheets, Five Generation Charts, Source Files Reports and then move into putting the basics into a program on the computer.

Recommending we try MyHeritage.com for them to practice learning.  We can then move out into other areas. Family Search is a good program but not for beginners to get lost in.

RootsMagic is great but there it has to be purchased even to try it and learn if you like it

FamilyTreeMaker was highly popular but not active on all systems.  MyHeritage.com can be used on any system. Roots Magic is available also, for a fee. Though it is not a great amount of money.

When learning to use the computer and the names of the activities and the words used to operate the programs we want to start not overwhelming our members.  :>)

Do you people have suggestions for Computer Beginners in Genealogy?  I would love to hear those suggestions.   Thanks





Do you log Anniversary’s?

Birthdays come and birthday’s go.  With a large family we have lots of Birthday’s.

As previously posted, the blog only posted most of March and wee bit of April.  A very big Birthday month for Pentico/Penticoff/Benighoff is August. It to shall pass if given time.

Is your genealogical charts filled in with the Anniversary’s of the immediate family members, distant family members?  How far back on your charts do you  have Wedding dates?

My marriage was on the same day as my Great Grandfather Calvin  Jones and Hannah Young Jones. Their’s took place in Butler Co, Iowa.  He was born in Rensselaer Co. Ny, near Jones Hollow and Jones Rd. (Petersburg area)  She was born in Bellidere, Boone Co. Ill.

Their marriage date was 5 July 1868.  Our marriage date was 5 July 1959 in Sunnyvale, California.

She as 7 years younger than Calvin and he died in  1910.  She died in 1941. Her family line was basically from Maine.

I do not have marriage date for either of their parents except a year of 1832 for possible marriage.

The Jones side was mostly Baptist in what research I have done.

More Birthdays, March was the Month.

Well, we survived the Birthday Bash’s.  Breakfast on Sunday of Waffles and Pancakes and Bacon and Strawberries and Papaya. Yes we had Whipped Cream on the side and Maple Syrup.

Was great to see the Great Grand babies and sing Happy Birthday to our oldest son. Of course we had already sang Happy Birthday to the Oldest one of the Clan. Fred.

Yes  we have Fred on 27 March, Ed on 28 March and Alicia on 29 March and we already had Candy on 3 March.  Now we look forward to Willkie on 4 April.

The list does not stop there Grandgrandson Wyatt’s birthday is April also. Plus oodles of other relatives in IOWA on Fred’s side of the family.  In fact, I am reminded by Mary Pentico Nelson that Ronnie’s  Pentico’s birthday is today.

Somewhere along the line we have Randy’s, Richard’s, Ricky’s and Rodney’s yet to come.

Linda’s was January &  Janelle’s is ……..

Fred has a brother James in Iowa and a sister Shirley there.  James had 5 boys and Shirley had two girls.  Yes, the have down line kin also to keep track of.

August is a heavy month for the Pentico Clan. It is heavier than March.

Yes we Celebrated EASTER also that day.  I got some awesome flowers from our great granddaughter Clementine. Thanks Steve and Nikki.

Do you keep track of the grandchildren and Niece and Nephews in your tree?