Do you log Anniversary’s?

Birthdays come and birthday’s go.  With a large family we have lots of Birthday’s.

As previously posted, the blog only posted most of March and wee bit of April.  A very big Birthday month for Pentico/Penticoff/Benighoff is August. It to shall pass if given time.

Is your genealogical charts filled in with the Anniversary’s of the immediate family members, distant family members?  How far back on your charts do you  have Wedding dates?

My marriage was on the same day as my Great Grandfather Calvin  Jones and Hannah Young Jones. Their’s took place in Butler Co, Iowa.  He was born in Rensselaer Co. Ny, near Jones Hollow and Jones Rd. (Petersburg area)  She was born in Bellidere, Boone Co. Ill.

Their marriage date was 5 July 1868.  Our marriage date was 5 July 1959 in Sunnyvale, California.

She as 7 years younger than Calvin and he died in  1910.  She died in 1941. Her family line was basically from Maine.

I do not have marriage date for either of their parents except a year of 1832 for possible marriage.

The Jones side was mostly Baptist in what research I have done.


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