More Birthdays, March was the Month.

Well, we survived the Birthday Bash’s.  Breakfast on Sunday of Waffles and Pancakes and Bacon and Strawberries and Papaya. Yes we had Whipped Cream on the side and Maple Syrup.

Was great to see the Great Grand babies and sing Happy Birthday to our oldest son. Of course we had already sang Happy Birthday to the Oldest one of the Clan. Fred.

Yes  we have Fred on 27 March, Ed on 28 March and Alicia on 29 March and we already had Candy on 3 March.  Now we look forward to Willkie on 4 April.

The list does not stop there Grandgrandson Wyatt’s birthday is April also. Plus oodles of other relatives in IOWA on Fred’s side of the family.  In fact, I am reminded by Mary Pentico Nelson that Ronnie’s  Pentico’s birthday is today.

Somewhere along the line we have Randy’s, Richard’s, Ricky’s and Rodney’s yet to come.

Linda’s was January &  Janelle’s is ……..

Fred has a brother James in Iowa and a sister Shirley there.  James had 5 boys and Shirley had two girls.  Yes, the have down line kin also to keep track of.

August is a heavy month for the Pentico Clan. It is heavier than March.

Yes we Celebrated EASTER also that day.  I got some awesome flowers from our great granddaughter Clementine. Thanks Steve and Nikki.

Do you keep track of the grandchildren and Niece and Nephews in your tree?



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