Honoring some of our Own

Here in I will mention just a small amount of our family that should be honored this weekend.

Wanting to start with our son Donald Pentico USN,  then his father Fred  E Pentico AMSC. whom served almost 25 years.

My Dad,  Ray Dee Jones Sr whom was a Coast Watcher, his brother Gerald Jones who was USN at Pearl Harbor, a submariner, 20 Years,  their sisters were all married to Army servicemen.  Comillo Morelli, Aubie Dee Cooper Jr. 20 Years &  Joseph Collins. Cousins Ken Foulk, Klint Foulk and Keith Foulk all served. Ken was Army and the other two were Navy.

My cousins Bob Morelli and Don Morelli, Air Force and Army.  Cousins Aubie Dee Cooper, Hartley Parrish, Eldon Parrish and Barney Parrish, Richard Hoffman, Gerald Feil 20 years, Kenneth Feil, and my brother Ray Dee Jones Jr.  David and James Cooper also may have served. Some how have lost track of them.

William Parrish, WW2. William R. Hoffman Paratrooper, WW2 Army. Fred Feil, Army.

I know a female cousin lost a husband I recall his name as Glover Fleming.  Also Lewis Jones and James Jones, served w National Guard.

Then we get into my nephews: Wayne Wright &  Jason Jones both Army both Mid East Conflicts as was our son Don Pentico.

Sanford Hoffman Civil War, Union,  Reg 1. 6th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry,as did two brothers Bryce and Reason. Laton also served.  I have Sanford Hoffman’s War Medal. My GGgrandfather.

Sanford’s sisters had husbands in CW, Jacob Gallentine, Thomas Neal,  possibly also  Jacob King, Uriah Spragg, and John Henderson. ( have not researched them yet).

Sanford’s Grandfather Henry  Huffman dcd 1811-2 Ranger during  Rev War and conflicting War that did not end,  John Huffman , Rev War his father.

Daniel Warden(grandson) CW, Isaac Warden -War of 1812, son, Samuel Warden -War of 1812.

DId Thomas Scott die due to war?  His death was at the time of Revolution. John Scott son received a pension for himself.

We have  many War of 1812 ancestors also. Most of our lines came early or were here when the other half arrived.

On the Pentico side, Peter Penticoff ie Pentico

Name:Peter Pentico, Unit Name: IA 11th Inf D, Rank:Private; Enlisted: 17 Sep 1861; Discharged:15 Jul 1865; Burial Place ; Colfax Cemetery Colfax IA

Philllip Pentico was called to serve, still looking for where it happened. We just found it.

Next year the list will be longer, Many names not yet mentioned here in. Also hope to have each unit to list.  Much is on old computer setting in garage.

O, Yes we lost a PENTICO in ITALY, Fred’s Uncle. One buried in Punch Bowl also.




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