NGS, Thanks for the POST.

Seeing your post on library cards was a thrill to my endeavor for this year.  Having scouted around San Diego County, many more libraries are here than most are aware of.

Most libraries zero in on one thing more than another. One may have more maps, one my have more on stamps, (Yes you can do genealogy with stamps), history books, children’s books, law libraries and the list  goes on.

I covered the Law Libraries first, because any court case or land dispute the libraries can help you to research or learn more about them.  Each talk I have given covered at least 7 libraries.

Hoping to have all of them covered by the end of the year.  We have a County Library system, various city Library systems, college libraries, and private libraries.

So when NGS wrote

When Was The Last Time You Used a “Physical” Library Card?

I was so excited because I used mine yesterday at Bonita-Sunnyside Library. Carrying cards from the Michigan State Archives, ( a great facility for research). Carlsbad Library, San Diego City Library, San Diego County Library, Los Angeles City Library and dropped my card to the Petaluma, Ca library since Mom passed away and I am not there enough to use any more. National City has their own system also.  LDS Libraries are also available for research in our communities. I go there at least twice a month endeavor to go weekly.

Chula Vista Library sees me very often. It is where our society meets and we have a “Stack of books regarding Genealogy ” in this library, for in house use.  The duplicates are on open shelves for check out and sharing outside the library.  As a founding member of the CVGS group, I am happy to say the first 9 worked hard to get this off the  ground in the 1980’s and by 1993 we got a special paper from the state as accepted organized Society . I found my copy and gave it to the President of the society, a  few months back.  Lots of our early documents were lost when a member became hospitalized and the husband did not realize the value of what was in the valise the wife held.   Protect your documents please.

There are many branches to all these Libraries. Now if you get a chance to go to an Archive then you will find even more to intrigue your mind.

Having asked some of the Head Librarian’s to present about their library is exciting. You get to see their passion about their Library they represent.

Go visit your Library, whether it Genealogical, State, City,  College or private.  It is like traveling the world at your finger tips.

Thanks NGS for talking about Libraries and everyone needs to read your report.

Sad it is written like people have forgotten what a library is? Computers will never replace the multi millions books written and placed on shelves through out our world.


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