Holiday Letters and Why They Are Important.

Holiday Letters, for lack of a better term are very vital to Genealogists, Family Historians, and the average family.

If you receive them, we hope you keep them or at least record their information into your binder for assistance if they are family.

O yes, many do not send letters or cards they just hit send on a computer and then read and delete the data so many of us would love to have and share.

Mom had always had us write our kin away from where we lived.  We were away from family.  We really were the early ones to come to this  region in the west, at least of her direct line.

We later found cousins that Mom had known when young that had also migrated westward.  I think World War 11 had a big influence in that for all of us.

So wanting to get the word out. Rethink the Christmas or Holiday Letter.  If you blog post it on a blog so it is retained. If you email it, find a file to save them into to note the important events that family members share with you that happened over the year.

After the holidays you can add that data to you information.

Why you say?  Because almost always someone has died, some one was born, some one was fighting a cancer, a heart trouble, back troubles.  These are things we should be keeping track of.

I did not know about some very vital (I learned later) medical data.  A blog to come on that.

A great one will add a wedding, a birth, a reunion and maybe whom attended.

Please write your Holiday Letter and some how share it and save it for the future grandchildren and great grand’s.





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