Big Question, what makes some of these sites proof of Accuracy?

I keep going to meetings and hear people link up with lots of sources given by MyHeritage and other sites, as fact.  Yet, I have yet to find more than one marriage record and a couple of census records sited as sources.

My second big question is how much do you add to your tree? Do you add all the siblings of the ancient ancestors. Or just pick your direct line knowing that you should be able to go back to the site for later additions.  An added question would be is this a safe practice to do?

I know right now my Ancestry tree is a mess because a merge did not go well. I have to learn how to undo it and correct the tree.

I have a cousin on MyHeritage that is obviously using the same name to their site as mine.

I had mine changed then My Heritage said I was not a premium customer.  They have my money. The weirdest of all this is they have my husband married to someone else and I am an Aunt I think to my own children.  I am about to cry then laugh at the hysterical theatrics that has happened when I was improving my site.  I was going to ask a friend and then he says,” I am no longer there”.  Who do I go to now.

I am most hesitant to add anything more for fear it will have to all come down to be repaired.  I had this site figured out until they changed things and nothing been ok since.

The Irony of THIS is, many others at our meeting last weekend were voicing the same concerns about suddenly it messed up and things are not okay.


So a few questions for you all out there, what happens next.?

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