Do you live in California?

Do You Live In California?    If you do please understand why I am posting this here.

As a genealogy/historian researcher who loves to share and travel a bit I have been informed of a very dark deed done against us Californians.

We have suddenly been saddled with a law that will make our fees to function $500 a person higher in California if you are a driver.  This money is supposed to go to fix our roads but it was not written for that to happen.

We wonder why people migrated from place to place, this type of thing could be the very reason many migrated at various times over the years.

Please if you value your freedom and keep track of your funds go to this site I am going to post and read what we are about to endure unless help comes along.

Alas our gas fees are higher than  most states already. Signatures are needed to repeal this event from taking place.  Please read this below link and be amazed at what some think we can endure.  People now are balancing between medicines and food and now this.

Carl thanks for the additional information besides what was in our newspaper today.

$500 is awful increase to most peoples budgets. Thanks San Diego Tribune for the additional information.  This will affect every driving person in the state of California and it will not guarantee fixed roads.


Fox News profiled our campaign and the amazing grassroots support we are getting (see article below) but we still need to raise $23,000 to print the Recall Petitions and get started.

Stop the Car and Gas Tax by contributing ANYTHING you can at this link!

The Sacramento politicians are counting on us to do nothing and just accept paying hundreds more each year under this tax. That’s why I implore you to help at this critical point in the campaign.  If we work together, we WILL reverse this tax hike.

Please let me know if you can help TODAY because we hoping to go to print next week with the petitions!

-Carl DeMaio

PS: Here is the Fox News story on our campaign’s momentum. Fox News: California Gas Tax Prompts Fierce Backlash



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