George P Plants PA to IOWA

George P Plants  PA to IOWA
  • George P Plants b 25 Sept 1803 in PA.
  • died 9 May 1867 in Iowa Monroe Co., Iowa  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery .
  • Son of Christian Plants and Catherine Haines Plants.
  • Father of Henry Plants.
  • Father of Rachel Plants Hoffman
  • Father of Nancy Ann Plants Huffman
  • Father of Hannah Plants Brown
  • Father of Susanna Plants Knight
  • Father of William Plants
  • Father of Andrew Plants
  • Father of George Washington Plants
  • Father of Roseanna Plants Murphy
  • Father of Christina Plants Kimble

The name was also spelled PLANTZ and PLANCE.

There was a castle in Germany a member of this family saw during WW2. But he didn’t knock on the door. SAD.


A big question for us all.  Where are  you in your research?  Do you feel you are having success?  Are you finding information you were hoping for? Do you ask for help?

These questions I have been ponder for about ten days now. Our world sorta went upside down regarding family recently.  So I am wondering about all these questions and if am gone, will those left behind understand what I have done, where I have gone and what I have succeeded at and failed at.

Having lost over 35,000 names on the older computer I am not doing them again no,  If the names run across my sites I tend to grab them again. I do not deeply dig.  Still looking for the answers that were not found that I think may be pertinent.

Why do I say pertinent? Because I have learned that medical genealogy may save a family members life.   It actually already has.  Many drugs a brother can not take nor could my Mom, sister or I.  When Mom was alive we shared our medical knowledge if anyones changed.  That has helped for the children and grandchildren and their medical selves.

I used to look for cowlicks, bent fingers and twisted toes, red blotches on the skin,  We have more knowledge now: Heart Attacks, Strokes, Blood Clots, Diabetes, Bronchitis, and the list goes on. How many of us have an irregular heart beat? I do. I only know of two others, but an ancestor at 24 died of heart attack., saddling a horse right after the CW. Was it do to irregular heart beat?

Having met so many relatives with my parents help and a very family orientated family it has helped to gather information.  Even on my husband’s family side we used to converse often on how our children were doing and what veggie or fruit they tossed up,

So wondering if it is time to wrap it up and put it away and pray maybe someone will do a followup someday.

Following two leads that I would love to resolve before I stop.

The thing is does one ever really stop. Somehow I do not think so.

So are you working your way up the street or down? Are you satisfied where you are at in your research climb?   Have you asked the right questions and are satisfied with the answers.  Is it time to take stock and share it all with the world.

Ironic I did that in 1995,  I blog now so much is already out there. I have trees in many places,,, Reunion on my computer and working on Roots Magic to help my sister in law.  O yes, I almost forgot, which came long before most of these other ones. Then there is Family Search by LDS, I scan it once in a while because long ago it was so erroneous I refused to fix the systems errors any more. They have resolved many of their errors thankfully and are most helpful when asked.

Do not ever hesitate to ask for help. Some of my greatest finds were by helping someone else and my person would pop up.

Technology and Life

it was suggested we write about Technology and the changes we have seen or been a part of.  Also was suggested we talk about the different technology for our ancestors.

Here we go.  Farming has taken a tremendous change in the way we do it today.

Originally you had a wooden plow and pulled it through the ground by one person and guided by another, then they used animals to pull the plow, or other items to make the ground stable for planting. Later it was a metal plow to pull.

We have developed from man,  to horse, (animal), to engines, crude though they were to sophisticated machinery that actually some run with out a human.  We no longer have oblong bales we have round ones.  Tractors with out drivers, cars with out drivers are of today.

One can write about the change in our writing implements but I think our technology in the fields and factories have far exceeded anything many would even think of in 1750, or 1860.  What about jumping off buildings with material so we could fly to jets that break sound. Rockets that go with out humans. Putting man on the moon, capsules around the various planes and astronomy and space knowledge.

What about the telegraph and the telephone.  The Telegraph is now affiliated with a computer and emails and communication in that nature. Now our ancestors did not think of it being that advanced I am sure.  Many places were very happy to just have a telegraph system to use to reach people in critical emergencies.  Today it is so technical you can carry that device in your pocket or purse and reach 911 etc almost instantly.

Dad was happy to see tractors become non crank and start with keys, today they start with push of buttons as do many cars that are keyless.  Dad was born 1913. Our first tractor we cranked pre 1950’s.

Look at the farm equipment smaller, lighter and easier to handle: Chain Saws, mower, power saws, sanders and the  like. I have Grandad’s Sander device.  It was all manual movement.  Built muscles and strength but later when older shoulders were always sore from use there of I feel.

We had a radio during the war, we got a tv a Hoffman in 1956, small black and white, we watched Ed Sullivan show and evening news when work was done. During WW2 we went to the movies ever so often to see the war clips of how we were doing in both fronts.  ( Ironic the war clips did not frighten me but I hated to watch the Three Stooges.)

I have mixed emotions about technologies changes, some I think are to much to fast and children will reap the medical consequences in the future.

Medical changes on how they treat patients has changed, they do not have to cut you up each time to sometimes treat a bad disease. Non invasive surgery is a very big positive in our society even if many have not been exposed to it.  Lasers, and needles and so many new methods to cut back on body damage is so exciting to me. Of course, I truly like natural when it can be done, which many are doing.  But some things require serious medical help and today compared to 200 years ago, 100 years ago, 10 years ago is amazing. Computers are even used to assist in surgeries and making a person well or better.

I like the computer but I love the phone to reach family quickly and I thank God for the medical changes for resolving serious modern day medical issues, less invasively.

Yes I could live with out a computer if I had a typewriter.

Are You a Historian or Genealogist, or Both?

Lately it seems we are having to explain that in order to do genealogy with out some of the major hiccups that do happen, one needs to learn some history of the region of which you are researching.

As a avid historian, I was amazed to learn but should not have been that Connecticut and it’s neighbors fought over their boundaries. For all the research and reading I have done and a cousin that lived in Connecticut that shared lots with me I never really gave Connecticut borders a thought, for boundary changes. DUH ME. Right.

It seems every major border probably had some disagreements. After all Iowa and Missouri did, why not every state or even counties.

Struggled for years over the location of some of the JONES family in New England.  It seems New York, Massachussetts and Vermont had some very major disputes.  A cousin related to me that the border moved east then west, then north then back again more than once in one region.

My Great Grandfather’s home was on the Iowa -Missouri border. He died in Missouri and was taken out the door to Iowa for burial in Iowa. The door on other side of house was in Missouri.

After all, Virginia claimed a share of the lower part of Pennsylvania, as did Maryland and promised the new land owners that they were buying Virginia land.  Why? because the rules by British Crown were different for Virginians than Pennsylvanians. Virginia was more settled and laws were (what I think were more fair). Mr. Penn’s agreement was not as gracious as what Lord Fairfax and his other compatriots had gotten some years earlier.

Maryland on the eastern side of PA claimed up several miles into PA for land. PA did the same down into Maryland. So watch the dates for when and where records may be.

This caused a major exodus of Southwest Pennsylvanians to go to Monroe, Belmont and Guernsey Co. etc, area of Ohio.  But not limited to that area. When Pennsylvania claimed this land after the borders were re recorded Mason – Dixon Line.

My ancestor Henry Huffman/Hoffman went with carrying chains as a young man on the early mapping of the border, prior to the final one done.

It seems my family of ancestors seemed to like to live in areas of dispute often. When Dad bought his land, he had option to purchase some that was on other side of creek. Option came about because home and building were in Sonoma County and the creek was boundary to Marin County.  Ultimately he only rented that land from the family and did not purchase it. The taxes were prohibitive on the Marin side and it was barren land with tulle plants covering a good share of it. We used it for summer pasture.

So take the time to read a bit about the region you are going to dig into to better understand the lay of the land and the politics of the region at that time.